March 3, 2015

You’re probably reading this and thinking “Okay this must be something about how she meets a friend whose like a sister or some stupid girl emotional story”. Well, NO. This is actually a true story about how I met my older sister for THE FIRST TIME last night. I guess I should start in the beginning.



Around early 2009, I was told by my mom that she saw on FB my older sister which my father had before marrying my mom. I’ve never seen the girl or even knew I had an older sister. All I knew, is that I had sisters hanging around the world because my dad was just… that type of guy unfortunately. I added her on FB and even though it felt weird and hoped for the best. I came off kind of strong LOL I mean she asked who I was (later I found out because of my last name she figured I was related to my dad) and I told her “well… um I’m kind of your sister” LOL. I think about it now and if someone would have told me that I would have been like HA! you’re kidding right?


Fast forward a couple of years, we’ve tried “meeting”. She’s Venezuelan like me but has lived in Guatemala and recently moved to China due to her husband’s job. It never worked out for us to meet but since we’ve been chatting on whatsapp she mentioned she might make a stop in LA on the way to Guatemala to visit her family.

Instantly, I told her WE HAVE TO MEET! For once, I didn’t tell ANYONE. It took me even a couple of weeks to tell my husband because I was just scared of it falling through again. Finally the weeks were getting closer and the days were counting down. Every day was different. Some I’d talk to her and I’d be excited, while others I’d get this intense amount of anxiety just thinking about it. My husband told me I was silly but I couldn’t explain it… I mean this is someone whose lived for 24 years and we could have spent summers together, I could have asked about boys or growing up or life to but instead I didn’t. The dream of sharing clothes with someone older than me slipped but she was there the entire time.


Well, not RIGHT there since I moved to Miami when I was 7 but you know what I mean. The day before last night I was FREAKING OUT. Okay I told by now to some people and I would wonder what if she’s rude or thinks i’m ugly in person LOL. What if she doesn’t like my mannerisms, What if she comes off as a bxtch? AHHHHHH I was freaking out.

The day finally came and of course it was THE WORST DAY EVER. But wait, not because of her. LOL We woke up, our office had gotten broken into. (Scary) That took most of our day. My little sister got admitted to the ER (She’s my world), One of our clients and other little sister ALSO got admitted to the ER and hers was a more serious case. I was thinking to myself… PLEASE God make tonight amazing because the day is going insane.

I went home and got ready. My dog peed on the carpet (FIGURES) it made me late and my über cancelled right before getting to me -__-. I finally made it to the office where we were going to meet first and then head to dinner.

She came and she looked as pretty as in pictures. She was so sweet and brought me this AMAZING Chinese Tea Set (I’m obsessed with teas like an old lady). We showed her the office and what I do and we began to head to dinner. I decided to sit in the back seat to talk to her and it felt awkward at first like ahhhh I’m I being to forward? LOL within 20 minutes we began talking more and as the night went SHE WAS GREAT! She’s so smart, sweet, and really caring. Her husband and Lex kept mentioning how it seemed from a distance that we were sisters because we acted the same HAHA. We showed them around different parts of LA and took some pics with her.

Overall, it was great. Today she came to the office and unfortunately I wasn’t able to hang out because of work but I got to talk to her a little and I really do hope we’re able to build a relationship. Even after 24 years… It’s crazy how life works, I’ve never met anyone that has gone through what I have and I can say even though I wish we were in each others life more and earlier on… Yesterday was the beginning of something and it was worth it 🙂


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